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Spin or Sweat? Choosing the Perfect Cycling Workout

  • June 30, 2024
  • 3 min read
Spin or Sweat? Choosing the Perfect Cycling Workout

Trying to decide between spinning and traditional cycling for your workout? These options are great for having fun and staying in shape. Indoor cycling sessions with a focus on strong cardio and strength training are called spinning classes. They are high-energy. On the other hand, traditional cycling gives you an excellent workout and allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Each offers advantages of its own, and the best option will rely on your lifestyle, tastes, and exercise objectives.

Top Cycling Workouts:

1.    Anaerobic

Long stretches of rest are interspersed with intense, short intervals during anaerobic rides. And by extended rest intervals, we mean a ratio of work to rest that typically ranges from 1:3 to 1:6, and occasionally even more rest than that.

During your anaerobic efforts, you should be in zone 6 or at an RPE of 10 out of 10. If not, aim for the maximum effort you can maintain for the duration of the interval and each one that follows.

2.    Tempo rides

Tempo rides are extended periods that feel “hard but sustainable” when your muscles start to tire and your breathing becomes more difficult.
These rides are designed for riders in zone 3 or roughly a 6 out of 10. Warm-up and cool-down periods precede each activity. Typically, a session consists of two to three 10-minute efforts separated by five minutes of rest or as much as three 30-minute efforts with ten minutes of rest in between. Make sure to wear the right walking shoes for men when cycling.

3.    Threshold

Zone 4 intervals on a threshold bike felt unbearably difficult.  Each threshold interval lasts anywhere from five to twenty minutes, and they are a little bit harder and shorter than tempo intervals. Although the amount of recovery time in between periods can vary greatly, a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio is usually a decent place to start.

Your heart rate will increase, and your breathing will become significantly heavier during threshold exercises because they drive your body to manufacture lactate quicker than it can be eliminated.

Benefits of Cycling Workout       

1.    It Has Minimal Effect

Riding a spin cycle has little to no impact, which will make your joints happy and lower your chance of damage. But low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity! Undoubtedly, riding a bike may be a strenuous, hot exercise.

2.    Increases Fitness Levels

Spin classes improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance and can lower your risk of disease by increasing heart and lung activity.

3.    Improves the Endurance and Strength of Muscles

When riding an outdoor bike, look for a hill to climb or use a higher gear to put more muscle into your ride. Increase the resistance when riding a stationary bike for a challenge! If you want to feel the burn even more, you can rise from your seat.


Long rides are excellent for increasing muscle endurance, and interval training can assist in increasing power and explosiveness. Cycling, whether it be normal or spinning, is a great method to increase your fitness and well-being. Spinning is ideal for people who do best in a structured atmosphere because it offers a strong cardio and strength training program that is taught by an instructor and is fun. Frequent cycling gives you the opportunity to discover new locations, take in the scenery, and feel liberated while riding in the wild.

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