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Sameeksha Takke: Biography, Age, Net worth, and social Media

  • May 21, 2024
  • 5 min read
Sameeksha Takke: Biography, Age, Net worth, and social Media

The inclination towards Social Media is rising day by day. With increasing love for Social Media Platforms, We are getting to know various entertainers every day. It has changed the conventional definition of becoming a star. Any person with a Smartphone and Social Media has an equal opportunity to become a common name in our screen time.  One such personality who seized the opportunity and became a common name on our lips is Sameeksha Takke. C’mon Fans, Let’s get to know more about her in this article.

Biography of Sameeksha Takke

Sameeksha Takke is known by her Instagram handle @sameekshatakke13. Apart from being an amazing YouTuber, She is a prominent Indian Actress and a well-known Social Media Personality. Her content on travel, fashion and beauty got her widespread fame. Her collaborations and relatable video sketches made the audience feel relatable to Sameeksha. She has a strong presence widespread over various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Moj, and many similar ones. It helps her to captivate the audience with her engaging content. 

Sameeksha takke Age / Physical Appearance

Sameeksha Takke is 27 years old as of 2023. She was born on November 1, 1996, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

She is a thin and elegant woman with an average height of 5’4″ or 163 cm and an average weight of 54 kg. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 making her look elegant and charming. 

Sameeksha has an attractive frame with black eyes and wavy dark hair that is eye-catching and her success on social media has been tremendous as people adore her beauty.

Sameeksha’s Early Life and Family

Sameeksha was born in a middle-class and well-settled Hindu family. Her father, Sunil R. Takke and her mother Neelam Takke have been vital role models in her life. Sameeksha also shares a good rapport with her sister, Sayali Sunil Takke.

Academic life of Sameeksha Takke

She finished her academic education in Mumbai. Her school education was at “Our Lady Of Remedy High School” in Kandivali West.

Further, She continued her studies by attaining her diploma at Mahim’s DG Ruparel College. 

She studied at DG Ruparel College in Mahim to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree. 

Sameeksha attained her master’s degree at G. N. Khalsa College in Matunga.

Career Trajectory of Sameeksha

Sameeksha was an experienced cricket player at an early age. She also participated at the state/national level in baseball and softball games. Fashion has always been her passion but it never crossed her mind as she was never free due to her athletic hobbies and busy training sessions. 

She worked in a bank for months for 8-12 hours a day. Until one day, She left it all and no longer engaged in bank services. She started to focus on influencer marketing and lifestyle only. Such a decision significantly resulted in visibility and popularity in the digital space.

Sameeksha Takke’s Romantic Relationship

Her professional life and career as well as her artistic pursuits are well chronicled but there is very little about her love life in the open.

As far as the relationship status is concerned Sameeksha Takke is believed to be single. She hasn’t shared any details regarding her boyfriend or dating yet. 

She is quite secretive about her private life. Sameeksha prefers to highlight her professional life as a social media influencer and digital Content creator. 

Sameeksha Takke’s Net worth

According to available information as of 2022, Sameeksha Takke’s net worth is between INR 8 and INR 10 Crores. 

She has over 628K followers on Instagram where she does brand endorsements and adverts. Her work as a social media influencer with roles and deals as an actress, a creator of content, and a partner in sponsorships have helped her earn this significant wealth. 

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that the net worth figures may fluctuate from year to year depending on the person’s changing income, savings, and investments.

Sameeksha Takke’s Social Media

Sameeksha Takke has a strong social media presence on several platforms where she interacts and promotes her content.

Sameeksha is active on Instagram under the handle @sameekshatakke13. With over 628K followers, she shares captivating photos, videos, and updates about her life, fashion, travel, and more.

Sameeksha runs a YouTube channel under her name, “Sameeksha Takke” where she shares vlogs, videos, and other content on various topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.

Sameeksha also maintains a presence on Twitter @Sameekshatakke., where she shares her thoughts, experiences, and updates with her audience.

Sameeksha has a Facebook page under the name @sameekshatakke13, where she connects with her fans and followers, providing insights into her life, work, and other updates.


To sum up, Sameeksha Takke is a well-known social media personality and an entertainer. Starting from her sports career, up until now when she has become an actress and role model. Sameeksha has a strong social media presence and publishes content about fashion, travel, and beauty on various platforms. Her dedication and fan following are indicative of her success as a content creator. Sameeksha is yet another successful example of the power of social media and its ability to allow ambitious people to reach their goals in our time.

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