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This Blog Will Show You About The New Digital Technology In Thailand

  • May 16, 2024
  • 6 min read
This Blog Will Show You About The New Digital Technology In Thailand

This blog will show you about the new digital technology in Thailand. It is important to accept innovation in this dynamic environment and use it to improve both society and business. Thailand is a thriving center of innovation and culture. It shows how digital tech can transform much. We are setting out on this adventure. We hope to give you insightful info on the newest fashions and developments. These trends influence Thailand’s digital scene. Digital technology has become established in Thai society. It has transformed how people interact, work, and live. This is true in both thriving cities and isolated villages. E-commerce platforms are rising. They are changing how consumers buy things. Mobile banking services are also rising. They make it easier to include people in finance. These are two examples of how digitalization is impacting all industries.

This blog will examine the many aspects of Thailand’s digital transformation process. We will explore the forces shaping Thailand’s digital story. These forces include innovative startups promoting innovation. They also include government programs creating a good environment for tech development. Learning more in this blog will show you about the new digital technology in Thailand.

Top Rising Digital Technologies in Thailand

The newest technologies listed below have the most room to grow and cause disruption:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): By 2030, the application of AI is predicted to increase Thailand’s GDP by $70 billion. Predictive analytics and customization both have benefits.
  • Fintech: Thailand has made use of blockchain and e-wallet applications. Let me tell you that there are 100 Fintech enterprises in the country.
  • E-commerce: The growth of internet shopping continues to be exponential. From 2020 to 2025, Thailand’s e-commerce industry is projected to expand four times.
  • Ride-hailing: Transportation is being revolutionized by the local competitors, Get Mee and Grab. The ride-hailing industry in Thailand was estimated to be worth $2.5 billion in 2019.
  • Health Technology: Technology is used by new companies like Doctor A to Z to improve medical care. They also improve accessibility. These three exciting fields are wearables, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence. Thailand has an atmosphere that is open to digital disruption. Investing in it is now possible. Businesses need to stay current with new technological developments.The most prosperous users will direct Thailand’s further digital change.

Improving Thai with New Digital technology in Thailand

This blog will show you about the new digital technology in thailand

This blog will show you about the new digital technology in Thailand that has made advancements in digital technology.

Growth of E-Commerce in Thailand

Thailand is experiencing a boom in e-commerce, with an average annual growth rate of 32% from 2016 to 2021. In 2020, 77% of Thai internet users made an online purchase. COVID-19 has also been a major factor in this trend.

Thailand’s top online retailers include:

  • Lazada: IT is the largest online marketplace in Thailand, with over 30 million products.Itt isa company asset owned by Alibaba Group.
  • JD Central: The regional website offers Chinese goods.
  • Weloveshopping: It is an online marketplace featuring over 500 Thai vendors and businesses.

E-commerce sales are predicted to reach $53 billion by 2025 as more people gain access to the internet.

Mobile Payment Solutions

In Thailand, over 50 million people were using mobile payment apps in 2021. This reflects the country’s rapid adoption of these technologies.

Among the best platforms are:

  • TrueMoney Wallet: In Thailand, over 21 million people use it for online shopping and money transfers.
  • Rabbit LINE Pay: Quickly linked to the popular LINE chat app. The number of enrolled users exceeds 30 million.
  • AirPay: An app for local payments with more than 5 million users.

In-store scan and pay services are provided by firms like AirPay and Rabbit LINE Pay. They have led to an upsurge in mobile payments.

Use of Social media

In Thailand, around 52 million individuals routinely use social media. As a result, it currently stands among the countries with the highest penetration rates.

Given below are the list of Top platforms:

  • Facebook: It is the most widely used social media platform in Thailand, with 51 million users.
  • YouTube: With over 40 million subscribers, this platform is essential for marketers.
  • Line: It is the most widely used messaging software, boasting 44 million users. Businesses use it to communicate with their followers.
  • Instagram: With more than 16 million accounts, Instagram is expanding rapidly. ideal for marketing a way of life.

Social commerce through the shopping features of Facebook and Instagram is also becoming more popular.

Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine has the potential to enhance the accessibility of healthcare for the people of Thailand, for instance.

  • Basic consultations are free of charge with apps that have doctor chatbots, like Paodok and Forward Doctor.
  • Full-service apps such as VeVe Health allow patients to video chat with licensed physicians.
  • Mordee and other health tech companies provide drug distribution services.
  • Thailand’s telemedicine industry is projected to expand at a 14.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2027.

Government Initiatives for Digital Adoption

The Thai government has implemented various measures aimed at expediting the adoption of digital technology.

  • Thailand 4.0: It is an innovative and technologically driven economic model that includes incentives for startup companies.
  • Smart City Initiative: Building intelligent infrastructure will transform places like Phuket into digital hubs.
  • Digital ID: Digital ID is the national digital identity platform used for electronic government services.

Virtual education and E-learning

Due to the COVID-19 Thailand adopted online education very rapidly. Online learning platforms include:

  • Skooldio: Popular for its engaging online video content for K–12 education.
  • OpenDurian: Thailand’s first MOOC platform offers online university courses.
  • Coursera: An international platform in partnership with Thai universities that offers credential programs.

It is projected that through 2027, the e-learning market will grow at a rate of 17% per year as digital literacy rises.

Cybersecurity Measures

The risk of cyberattacks increases with increased digitalization. Thailand has undertaken the subsequent measures:

  • National Cybersecurity Committee: It is in charge of standards and policies.
  • Cryptography Law: Controls the use of encryption for data security.
  • Draft Cybersecurity Act : strengthening cyber defenses even more through evolution.

More funding is still required for cybersecurity systems and personnel.

Challenges and Opportunities of  Businesses in Thailand

The business community of Thailand has several potentials in digital technology. Businesses can reach a wider audience for the digital payment system and e-commerce platforms. It brings new opportunities for the growth of business. Additionally, as the digital market has numerous benefits but also the obstacles due to its competitive nature, it can increase the serious concerns like cybersecurity threats. Thus, organizations can use precautions to safeguard the data and information of them and their clients. 


This blog will show you about the new digital technology in Thailand. It has demonstrated how technological advancement is altering the country’s industries. Thailand is rapidly evolving. Numerous sectors, such as finance, retail, healthcare, and education, are experiencing changes. The country’s commitment to ushering in the digital era is evident. This is accurate in spite of continuous difficulties. Thailand appears to have a promising future. It is aiming to become a sophisticated, multicultural country. This is what it’s doing as it keeps growing and 


The details that have been mentioned in this article are published only after well research and it is only for information purposes. Also, the website does not have any kind of ownership Tech Company.

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